Fall Journey Entry

20180304_130310Wilderness Therapy 11/2017

Vibrant colors of fall, the smell of the leaves, the feeling of the crisp, cool air.

As soon as my feet touch the pavement, my mind rests; my thoughts become quiet. I become relaxed and at ease out here.  Peaceful.
There’s no one to answer to. No job. No kids. No home to take care of. No titles or demands. Just me and the woods.  My little space carved out here in Chester, IL.
Most people don’t understand or even care to but it’s my saving grace, at times. Others, it’s an inspiration to write. A place to hike. Exercise. Or, simply  just to get away for an afternoon of sun and nature.
It’s become part of me and I don’t want to lose it, especially now.  Life is chaotic and it’s challenging to maintain a healthy, personal balance in the midst of all of the mess. Chester puts it all back into perspective.

The best part of my wilderness therapy is that it comes with road therapy. For those of you who can appreciate a good road trip know exactly what I’m talking about. Road trips in the country with music to lose yourself in and scenery to relish with the sunroof and windows open n may sound simple but it soothes the soul. 

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