My Journey 4/3/18

Unbeknownst to me, my journey as my true self didn’t begin as an “adult.” Although I had rightfully gained my independence from my parents, siblings, and everything I had ever known, and moved from STL to North Carolina at the age of 21, it wasn’t my real beginning.

Sadly, my world became consumed with titles, demands, and responsibilities. Perceptions of what I thought I needed to be. After living like much of society does, with my head down, not experiencing life, I finally broke last year.

The safe world I created collapsed and self-doubted consumed me. I lost myself mentally, emotionally, and physically, until there was no longer an option. I didn’t have a choice, so I picked myself up slowly. One day, I started writing.

After a very long, sleepless weekend, I drafted a manuscript. A dream as a child had actually become a reality. Then the walking and hiking started. Traveling alone on weekend trips. Reading. More writing. Tattoos. Freedom.

I found Megan again. Not the wife or mother. Or daughter or sister. Just me. I started doing things for myself again. What made ME happy.

And what I found out along the way was how much I love myself. I lost 50 lbs, made new friends, stood up for myself, and I finished writing a manuscript. I did that. Just me. Megan.

This blog is important to me for a few reasons. First, I’ve never written for the public. Many professors and a few friends, but no one else. Second, I need to work on writing as much as possible and this allows me to do that. Most importantly, I’m hoping to gain readership.

When I first finished my manuscript, I was extremely proud. But then, a second and third book followed and a series developed. I became attached to the story and the characters. I want to share it with readers, and all of the dreamers.

Being published is my dream. Thank you for being part of helping me accomplish my dream.

Many of life’s failures are people whodid not realize how close they were to success when they gave up,” Thomas Edison.


  1. I loved reading this – your journey – and my heart swelled with each paragraph. Writing is not just about words and storyline it’s about creating an emotional response in your reader. You nailed it. Write on Megan!

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