pexels-photo-301977.jpegThrough life, many people are blessed to meet a soulmate. Some are lucky enough to meet more than one. I, luckily, fall into the latter group. Along this amazing journey of mine, I’ve encountered many meaningful experiences but I’ve been fortunate to meet and truly connect with soulmates.

The As streets. My subdivision was referred to in our local area was the also the place I met my first soulmate. A boy whom I attended preschool through eighth grade and continued to be best friends with until adulthood. Even though many of our friends’ parents didn’t agree with our very unconventional friendship, both our families embraced it. Since then, his parents are like my own and even become grandparents to my children. I still have a very close relationship with his sister. And both him and I are godparents to his niece. Many of my childhood memories consist of us. I survived my pubescent and teenage years because of that very sacred friendship. It was one that never crossed beyond the boundaries of friends because it was much more than a typical friendship. We were family. As an adult, I realize now he was my first soulmate. Our connection was one that could never be broken. Not the hypocritical parents or Catholic upbringing. Not the gender bias. Not youth or teenage crushes. Nothing. Until real life beckoned. College for me, Army for him. Marriage. Kids. Responsibilities. But, we have stayed in touch and his family is still part of me and that’s what counts. My beginning was enriched because of him and so is my present. I will forever be grateful for that bond. For him and his family.

My second soulmate was a firecracker. A soul that literally ignited everyone and everything around her. She carried a contagious energy. A soulful spirit. It was my freshman year of high school. All-girl private school, Mr. Fred’s music class is where we instantly connected.

To learn more about the rest of my soulmates that have affected my life and the current journey I am on, please continue to follow this blog post. I will post another one later this week titled…

Soulmates, High School Years

Again, thank you for joining me in this amazing journey. Thank you for reading my words. Sharing my dream.

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