Soulmates, High School Years

The soulful firecracker, much like her spirited mother, made people laugh. It’s how we met in that freshman music class. Truthfully, the only way to explain the kind of friendship we shared was beautiful. Simple, no fuss. Kind. Understanding. Caring. Mutual respect for one another, which is extremely rare at the cruel age of 15. But, it was our souls that connected. We understood each other more than the rest of our junvenile friends, but also loved being absolutely ridiculous together. We had many things in common but more than shared secrets, late nights, and teenage mischief. Our lives intertwined; our souls made an eerie connection but we understood it, felt it. Her and I. And, my childhood best friend, “A street. ” Another beautiful piece of my life that fit perfectly together. They also became friends. You see, anyone who knew Meg, knew I was a package deal, whether it was a girlfriend I became friends with or every guy I dated. “A street” and I were a team, but he was first, always. It caused numerous problems over the years for both of us. However, “Caty” and him got along very well, which only made even more amazing experiences for all of us, especially me. Although a change in schools separated us, we maintained our friendship through some very adventurous and difficult teenage years. Honestly, some of the best times of my life were with “Caty” in high school. Concerts, parties, sleepovers, roadtrips, days at museums, parks, the zoo, holidays, and even family vacations. Pure adventure, irresponsible fun but with my ride-or-die. The firsts. The lasts. The onlys. Too many to count but enough to leave everlasting impressions. Soulmates leave pieces of themselves that change you forever. Most importantly, 23 years later, I’m proud to say we’re still friends. Over the years, the friendship has been sparartic but unchanged, as if time never existed all those years. Thousands of miles and completely different lives divided us, but the connection formed at the age of only 15, remains the very same today. A deep-rooted connection shared between two soulmates. Full of compassion, support, acceptance. And much love. Aloha.


Being raised Catholic has its challenges but try being the youngest of four, whose siblings all attended private school, and you decide to leave after freshman year to attend public school. Needless to say, my parents weren’t thrilled with the idea (still aren’t over it 20 years later). Although I never had a problem making friends and it wasn’t a real concern since I had “Caty” and “A street, ” I longed for trust of a female at the new school. I don’t particularly care for females, in general, and many feel the exact same about me so it wasn’t easy to find a girlfriend could truly trust. That is, until the day I met “Coffee,” a common bond shared til this day, actually.

Words cannot Express my gratitude. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for being a part of this crazy journey.

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