Sycamore Oaks Sanctuary, Tennessee

The sun has set here this evening and I am beyond blessed. So grateful I found such a gem. But, even more so for the time. The peace and quiet.


“Mike” and “Carol” have once again taken my kids to Florida, a “Brady” family tradition every summer. They love being grandparents and I’ve always appreciated it. However, now, I’ve finally accepted it. “Carol” is a pleaser. Literally enjoys to make her grandkids and adult children happy. Whether I agree with it or not doesn’t matter. It is who my mother is and a very endearing quality.

Vacations, for me, typically exist of a tourist-filled beach or smiliar lake. Not this time. Right now, more than ever, I wanted time for myself to think. Breathe. Learn to accept others now that I’ve accepted myself.


This little piece of heaven is secluded in the hills of TN. The 30 acre private-property is beautifully kept and nestled in God’s country. Puts life into perspective. Time alone in my thoughts. Also time to finish my manuscript and read a couple books. Again, time for me.


Solitude is good for the mind. Peace is good for the heart. Nature is good for the soul.


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