Anam Cara

When I first began this blogging journey, I never imagined the connections it would bring. However, I did write about those dear to my heart. My soul. So, I of all people, realize how easily some connections are made.

This image popped up on my feed the other day and warmed my heart. Made me think of my soul friends and my moments with each of them. A streets, Hibiscus, Coffee, Hick, and Compass.

If you see at the top, my tattoo artist and I added the world. Something of my own. My dreams, aspirations as a child. So many opportunities and possibilities. Now, those dreams have turned into goals.

I sincerely thank each one of these individuals for helping me shape my life, at the time. Some, for years. Others, more short-lived. But, forever soul friends. No time or distance can change that. Erase those memories. Or, that cherished bond.

An addition will be made shortly to my Anam Cara tattoo in honor of a very dear soul friend. Friends in high school and reconnected nearly twenty years later; as if no time passed.

Her compassion and positivity outweigh most of her many admirable qualities. For me, though, it’s much more than a friendship. She is my spiritual healer. Encourages and supports my journey; helps keep motivated.

A hippie. Lover of all nature. Nurse, by profession. Wanderer. Beautiful soul. I refer this soul friend as “Hawthorn Tree.” According to Celtic mythology, the Hawthorn symbolizes love and protection. Both, which I fully receive from her, without judgement. Only wisdom, kindness, and encouragement. Like a tree’s roots, “Hawthorn” helps me stay grounded, for myself.

Thank you to all my soul friends. To others, I wish you a soul friend. I hope you experience part of your life with at least one soul friend; it truly is a blessing.

Meg Donahue




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