Social media was created for connection. Unfortunately, humanity is ugly. Judgemental. Critical of others instead of ourselves. But, our family survived a tumultuous year. Not one single person lives the life of another so please don’t walk in and even attempt to understand, especially judge.


You have no right.

Besides a very difficult deployment, my two, very amazing children survived so many obstacles. Personal challenges. It wasn’t just their father who was gone but a best friend, the rock of our tribe. Unfortunately, the universe didn’t care. Two school transfers (assault and bullying), bathroom remodel, emergency surgery, puberty for both, tutoring, a crazy mother…all without their dad.

Living BOTH military and civilian life was extremely demanding. But, I did it the best I possibly could. However, many seem to have their opinion. Fortunately for me, I’ve come to peace with this but I’m still raising my very impressionable children. And I want better for them.


I lost 53 lbs, completed a manuscript, made my own friends, survived a few work scandals, and managed (somehow) to take care of myself, the kids, two dogs, our home, and work; all while supporting my husband and the Army.

I met my obligations. Took care of my own responsibilities. Didn’t ask for much from others either. So, please don’t pass judgement. I’m fully aware it is human nature.

But don’t throw stones from the glass house you may live in or the fortress you’ve created. Last I checked, I don’t personally know anyone who lives in a temple.

We’re trying our very best to live every day as it comes, one day at a time. Both kids graduated from middle and grade school. Doing well. My husband retired from the Army. Summer is upon us and we’re spending time together. Enjoying the moments.

We’re family. Nothing will ever change that. It is the one critical lesson in life I want my children to learn through all of this. Be there for others with no judgement. No agenda or recognition.

And, live in the present.


Love yourself first so others may receive the best version of YOU; my kids are pretty awesome! Write your own story and dream big; make some those dreams into goals, one day.

Most importantly, enjoy the moments and live your own journey.






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