Live your life. Live each day, fully. Learn from the past, even embrace some, but enjoy the present. You can “plan” for the future but don’t focus on it. Life is much too short.

Throughout this journey of mine, I’ve not only learned that is is MY journey and I’m in control but life does not have to revolve around preconceived notions of what life is supposed to be, either. Regardless of what stage in your life you’re currently in. Grab a hold and live.


Change your job. Move. Take full advantage of the gift we’ve all be given…life. Our planet is such a small part of the universe but most people don’t relish in the world, or even their own country.

Moments pass us by so quickly that we often find ourselves saying, “holy shit, October is almost over.” Then, years pass. Children grow. People change.

That’s the thing about time. It’s very fragile and must be treated so.

By embracing the present, you allow yourself so many more opportunities. Those opportunities open doors to endless possibilities. A whole new world.


“Hawthorn,” my addition to my Anam Cara tribe, and I took advantage of a gorgeous fall day. Yep, you guessed it, Chester. A little road therapy followed by a hike, a visit to a family-owned bakery, and great companionship. Real, honest conversation. Laughter.

It wasn’t elaborate or expensive. We explored the woods of Chester and both fell in love with the Autumn-colored trees. Ended up taking many pictures. Conversed about real shit. Connected with nature, and each other. Moments.


Don’t worry about tomorrow, because, sadly, it may not happen. If the past haunts you, deal with those demons and move forward but stop dwelling. Wake up and be grateful for every day. Even while working for “the man,” YOU are in control of each and every day of your own life. Enjoy the moments. Big and small.


Meg Donahue


I SINCERELY thank those you follow me. Support me. These moments of mine will hopefully help me become a published writer. One day.



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