Goals, Not Resolutions

At the year’s end, many people make resolutions; another tradition I’ve never taken part in. Mainly because I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist and viewed resolutions as setting myself up for failure. Something I could never risk, even as a child.

I’m fully aware of my own weaknesses. Common resolutions consist of diet/ exercise, quit smoking, less sweets, more water, no alcohol.

Up until this past year, I was the classic yo-yo figure but reached over 200lbs in late 2016 (freightening since I didn’t weigh that with either pregnancy). Nicotine has been a constant battle for over twenty years. I also never really exercised regularly or drank much water. I’m loud and have a foul mouth. However, like I said, I never saw the point to partake in the possibility of disappointment. I always strived for perfection.


Resolution can be defined as finding a solution to a problem or making a firm decision not to do something. Realistically, most New Year’s resolutions are ones that don’t permanently last and I don’t consider people’s weaknesses as “problems.” We’re all made up of tiny imperfections, making us all unique.

Goals, however, are completely different. Goals provide us with hope. Positive energy. Good vibes. Keep us focused on something tangible. Realistic, if we want it badly enough.


And, that is why 2019 is different for me.

For those who have followed my journey, know a little about what I’ve experienced the last two years. In order for me to continue my process of personal growth, this year and going forward, is about making goals. Staying positive. Taking one step at a time. Worrying about what I can control and letting go of all the other unnecessary bullshit.

I’ve figured out something very profound, yet a simple concept this past year. Living presently is dependent on my survival. My overall health: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Living one moment at a time. The past is for learning. The future is for growing. But, the present is what truly matters. None of us is guaranteed another breath.


Enjoy the moments, good and bad. Stay present. The bad eventually disappear. And, the good, become fucking incredible when you relish in each moment. You are in control of your journey. Pour your energy into what you want it to look like.

My goals are simple. Self-care is essential so I’ll continue my weekly road trips, some include hikes. I’d like to cook more at home; have more meals around the table with my kids. Time is flying by. I plan to stay conscious of what I eat and stay active. I feel better now at the age of 39 than I did at 29. I’d like to attend a writer’s workshop. And, be the best person I know how to those around me. Just live simply.

Long-term goals are lofty but attainable. I plan to put more into my website this year and ideally be a published writer within three years. I also want to take up kickboxing to prepare physically for my trip to Europe. And, as always, I want to continue to travel the US and write and take pictures. I want to LIVE.


My wish for you is a prosperous new year, for yourself.

Love yourself, first, so your tribe receives the best version of you. Live for the moments that take your breath away and let go of the ones that suffocate you.


Meg Donahue

Life is your own journey with birth as its prologue and death as the ending but only you have the power to fill its chapters.

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